All You Need To Know About The URL Extractor Tool

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Firstly let’s talk about the link. A link is mainly used to link the HTML pages, documents or any image. The link is also known as a hyperlink. whereas URL Extractor is an SEO tool that is used for the extraction of the URL’s, Meta Tags or we can say that it is a free online tool to extract URLs from an HTML and the extracted web address is displayed in the simple list.

How URL Extractor tool work?

With the help of source code, URL Extractor extracts all the links from the web pages. The working of URL Extractor is very simple as shown in the following 3 steps:

1). Firstly, Select the web pages that you want to examine.

2). Then paste all the URLs which you want to analyse into the URL Extractor Tool.

3). URL Extractor tool simply extracts all the domains from the URL’s which is present as the hyperlink in the HTML text.


The benefits of URL Extractor are unlimited. Some of the benefits of URL Extractor are as following:

1). Help in the web page promotion by extracting URLs, Meta tags, Images.

2). Also helps you to gather the useful or better information in less time.

3). With the help of this tool, you can also Export file in Excel format.

4). URL Extractor is the solution for the bulk link extraction.

5). URL EXtractor tool is very, much beneficial for an online business owner, SEO professionals and website users as this tool help them to examine the list of URLs, Meta tags and Images from different sources.


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