Online Teaching and Learning

An understanding of the techniques and protocols of online teaching and learning has become essential for academics as universities throughout the world embrace alternative delivery methods in response to the

globalization of education. In recent times numerous tertiary institutions have experimented with the use of on-line delivery with the purpose of increasing access to education to a wider audience. Flexible modes of delivery can provide an effective means of addressing the problems of increasing student demands, decreasing funds, the need to establish a presence in the international market place and rapid technological change.

Web based computer conferencing combines the various aspects of telecommunications, computers, and the world wide web providing the participants with an asynchronous forum in which the free exchange of ideas can take place. In many instances, potential participants are unable to attend ‘live’ conferences for geographic and economic reasons and must rely on publications and the like to be informed of current trends and practice. The use of the web for such conferences is gaining in popularity and acceptance amongst academics as a legitimate alternative to the more traditional conference.


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